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/JHXD Joined the 2018 exhibition of Hannover Messe in Germany

JHXD Joined the 2018 exhibition of Hannover Messe in Germany

on 2018-04-27

The Hannover International Industry Fair has a history of 70 years.  It is not only the largest industrial exhibition in the world, but also exhibits extremely high technical content. It is recognized as one of the most important platforms connecting global industrial design, processing and manufacturing, technology applications and international trade.  Since its development, it has become "the flagship exhibition in the field of global industrial trade", "the barometer of world industrial trade" and "the vane of global industrial technology development."

JHXD would not miss this  chance to show our hight technology products in the oversea market  . The below picture show Mr Ni  (Jack , the first of left ) , the boss of JHXD And our customers  stayed together  .

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